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Robert Garcia AKA “Mr. Criminal” is a multi-faceted talent recognized for being an international recording artist and actor captivating audiences worldwide. Originally from Southern California, his sound stems from the musical influences he grew up with in the 90s – oldies, funk, hip-hop and West Coast rap. His lyrics flow with unabridged narratives that mirror his personal life experiences and struggles. As fate would have it, a chance encounter with a rep from Universal Records would ultimately result in his first big break and Mr. Criminal’s popularity began to rise as he was given the opportunity to work with several notable artists in the rap/hip hop genre including Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Fat Joe, Suga Free, and the late, great Nate Dogg, among others. Since launching his music career, Mr. Criminal has recorded 34 albums including chart-toppers Rise 2 Power and Criminal Mentality 2, toured internationally, performed at top venues around the world and launched his own record label – Crime Family Entertainment. In the acting realm, Mr. Criminal was discovered by director, producer, and screenwriter David Ayer (Training Day, Suicide Squad, End of Watch), and invited to join the cast of Ayer’s Netflix Original, Bright, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as well as a role in El Chicano. Also just wrapped filming with Shia Lebouff in new role for upcoming 2019 thriller “The Tax Collector”. Fall 2018 Mr. Criminal released his latest track “Elevate” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

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Year Album Recording Group
2003 Criminal Mentality Thump Records
2004 Organized Crime Hi-Power Entertainment
2004 Mr. Criminal Presents What the Streets Created [CD&DVD] B-dub
2005 Soldiers Of The 213 Hi-Power Entertainment
2005 Sounds of Crime Thump Records
2006 Soldiers Of The 213 The Real Sequel Hi-Power Entertainment
2006 Stay on the Streets Thump Records
2006 Mr. Criminal Presents What the Streets Created Pt. 2 Thump Records
2007 Ryder Muzic Hi-Power Entertainment
2007 Mr. Criminal Presents What the Streets Created Pt. 3 Hi-Power Entertainment
2008 The Best Of Soldier’s Of The 213 PMC Music Group/Hi-Power Entertainment
2008 Rise 2 Power PMC Music Group/Hi-Power Entertainment
2008 Only The Strong Survive Hi-Power Entertainment
2009 Hi-Power Collectables Presents: Love Letters Hi-Power Entertainment
2009 Mr. Capone-E and Mr. Criminal Video and Bangers, Vol.2 [CD&DVD] Hi-Power Entertainment
2010 Mr. Criminal Presents Hi-Power Mix Hi-Power Entertainment
2010 Death Before Dishonor Hi-Power Entertainment
2010 Hi-Power Collectables Presents: Mr. Criminal’s Gang Stories Hi-Power Entertainment
2011 South Side’s Most Wanted (With Mr. Capone-E) Hi-Power Entertainment
2011 South Side’s Most Wanted: Greatest Collaboration (With Mr. Capone-E) Hi-Power Entertainment
2011 Criminal Mentality, Vol.2 Hi-Power Entertainment
2012 South Side’s Most Wanted The Return (With Mr. Capone-E) Hi-Power Entertainment
2012 Young, Brown and Dangerous Hi-Power Entertainment/PMC Music Group
2013 Last Of A Dying Breed Hi-Power Entertainment
2014 West Side Oldies Hi-Power Entertainment
2014 Mr. Criminal Presents Gangsters Don’t Talk Hi-Power Entertainment
2014 Premeditated Homicide Hi-Power Entertainment
2015 Mr. Criminal Presents Gangsters Don’t Talk: Part 2 the Sequel Hi-Power Entertainment
2015 Evolution Of A G Hi-Power Entertainment
2016 Mr. Criminal Presents Street Unity Hi-Power Entertainment
2016 Latin With Attitude (L.W.A.) Hi-Power Entertainment
2017 Palmtrees And Sunsets Crime Family Entertainment
2017 Mr. Criminal Presents The Crime Family Album Crime Family Entertainment
2017 All Eyes On Me Crime Family Entertainment