First Full Length Film – Written, Filmed, & Directed by Mr. Criminal

Proud to announce my very first movie alI written, filmed, and directed by myself. This took many years in the making and I’m proud to say out of all the fires I’ve walked through and all the bad times and years lost, I was able to make a change a show the youngsters a new life and chance. The movie “The Final Ride” is coming you have been warned! Who’s ready for your homie on the big screen?

9 thoughts on “First Full Length Film – Written, Filmed, & Directed by Mr. Criminal

  1. Isabel santillan says:

    Me Criminal the movie was on 🔥 can’t wait your movies coming out my hubby is a big fan of your can’t wait to meet u one day

  2. Pablo Adame says:

    Hey criminal, im like so excited bout your movie, been here since 2006 stay on the streets album, this movie ima get the Disc and wear gloves and i have done this with all albums. saving for crime fam sweater.

  3. orlando says:

    damn,homie….handle ur business and keep it 113 % as always…
    mr crazyboy varrio silverlake trece all day everyday perro

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