Revolvy Review - Mr. Criminal

Robert Garcia, stage name Mr. Criminal, is a Latin American recording artist (rapper) from Southern California, owner of Crime Family Entertainment Music Group. In addition to being a rapper he is a songwriter, producer, videographer, and the creator and owner of which sells his exclusive clothing line worldwide.

Early life
Garcia was born on December 4, 1982 and is of Latin Descent. He is the youngest of four children raised in a household maintained by a single mother whom, he states, endured and sacrificed a lot for him and his siblings. He credits his mother for being the motivational force in his rise to prominence in the music industry. Garcia engaged in destructive behavior during his youth around the age of 13, which resulted in his becoming a ward of the state and being incarcerated on several occasions. He was released in 1999 and began his music career a few years later as a way to cope and recover from his upbringing and reach out to the Hispanic youth who face similar struggles. Since becoming an artist, Garcia has since toured and performed both nationally and internationally.[1] [2] [3] [4]
Creating music with strong narratives that reflect his life struggles, Mr. Criminal earned his first break when he met rapper Mr. Capone-E in 2001 at a low-rider car show. The two artists recorded an album called "Criminal Mentality", released on Capone-E’s Thump Records Music Group that gained widespread international popularity in 2003. Since then Mr. Criminal has been working with notable recording artists and producers including Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyNate DoggFingazzFat Joe of Terror SquadTwistaLil FlipGlasses MaloneSuga FreeMr. Capone-ESpider Loc of G-UnitKokane, Roscoe, Triple C, Lil Cuete, DTTX, Shade Sheist and others.[5] In 2006, the release of Mr. Criminal's most anticipated album, Stay On The Streets, with the hit single "We Ride", featuring Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, gained national radio success throughout the United States, providing the opportunity for Mr. Criminal to tour with Hip-Hop group G-Unit.[6] However, his fame had been shortly sidetracked after multiple charges with the law, most notably in 2008 when state troopers searched his vehicle in Arizona and was charged with possession of illegal firearms and marijuana.[7] After being released from confinement, Mr. Criminal worked hard to get his life back on track by continuing to create and write music about his experiences with crime and the law. (read more on